"This Bentley S3 from 1963 has lived in a barn for the past 20 years or so. Believed to have spent some time in the US before this, it was originally registered in the UK. The engine is now running and the car is currently being assessed in our workshops to help us decide on its future. Potentially, it could make a restoration project for the dedicated enthusiast."

flinygspares-bentleyWe very often purchase Bentley cars for breaking that do not deserve to be dismantled; we try to offer these for sale as restoration projects. We also offer to list customers' cars for sale, free of charge, on our website. Please contact us via our online shop should you wish to take advantage of this service.


The assembling of the Bentley began with a 3-litre motor auto which was exceptionally progressed for its times. It had four barrels, single overhead camshaft, four valves for every chamber and twin-flash ignition through two magnetos. Anyway it did make some commotion. It is said, that this clamor once disturbed a medical caretaker who was going to a burning out patient. To every living soul's shock, an individual present there had then said 'a cheerful sound to expire to"! Such was the starting of the Bentley!

The Bentley was and is fundamentally reputed to be a hustling auto. It has won numerous Le Mans trophies. The Le Mans is a 24-hour auto continuance test held in France. It tests an auto as far as possible and those who can uphold huge regard and cunningness in the vehicles business sector. These races additionally furnished an enormous commercial for the Bentley.

Adequately demonstrating developing for its day, the Silver Spirit was the first Rolls-Royce to game the retractable Ecstasy mascot, in addition to prodding on other processing models to guarantee RR benefits upon its quite efficacious replenished model. The new imprint Rolls Royce Silver Shadow had just striking updates to the suspension of the auto, with the presentation of the imprint Iii likewise just wearing minor updates from its ancestor, explicitly to the old V8 which was reestablished. For those who were fascinated by a more capable choice from the Rolls-Royce range, the arrival of the Flying Spur was an ideal result, which was essentially a turbo, charged Silver Spur.

Some individuals were careful about purchasing the auto, as they saw it as an image of unpleasant driving. To a degree to break this picture, Bentley Motors produced an entrancing limousine traveler auto. Anyhow by this time, the extraordinary misery had taken its toll on Bentley Motors, abandoning it in budgetary doldrums. Subsequently it was chosen to pitch the firm. Around then Bentley Continental was the most impressive adversary of Rolls Royce and the planet saw this as a mega arrangement for Rolls Royce. Truly it was exceptional news for Bentley (in restricted regardless), that their infant might anyhow be in some encountered hands.

The Bentley GT is a no-nonsense entertainer with huge limit. The name is sufficient to announce its exhibition that is incomparable in each ways. The Bentley Continental GT is actually the ideal auto for those trusts in high regarded autos with varying characteristics. -